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How well do you really know your marketplace?

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Business Decisions Based on Facts, Not Speculation


Neighborhoods—in even small communities—change fast. And if the perception of your marketplace is based only on the customers coming through your door, you’re not growing your business.

Affordable and effective marketplace and shopper analysis can provide the meaningful feedback and data you need to help you revitalize your competitive strategy, bring in new shoppers, and better serve the ones you have. Find out:

  • How your perception of your store matches that of your employees & shoppers
  • How long shoppers stay in your store versus competitors’ stores
  • Where your print & other media dollars are working & where they are wasted
  • The right mix of advertising, marketing, & merchandising
  • How to shift to digital without losing loyal shoppers

“On average, IGA test retailers saved in excess of $10,000 annually on weekly ad costs working with ADvay to create a media plan that better reflects their customers’ media consumption.”

By adding a customer survey to better understand their perceptions of your store and an employee survey to recognize gaps between management, staff, and even customers, you’ll gain the full 360º experience—and an analysis that increases sales, margins, and employee satisfaction.

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Let’s optimize your business. Here’s how we do it:

1. Know Your Market

  • Population summary & trends (age groups, sex, generations, education)
  • Income
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Food-at-home index for area
  • Retail marketplace profile (leakage/surplus)
  • Households by other income (retirement, EBT cards, etc.)
  • Commute for work
  • Employed population by industry & occupation

2. Know the Strength of Your Competition

What percent of the market share does your competition own within a 5, 10, or 15 minute drive? How strong their marketing share? We use mobile phone tracking and other sources to compile the data that answers those questions so you can create a plan of attack.

    3. Know the Consumer Spend & Potential

    We will identify key categories to grow your market share and benchmarks of consumer spend and food-at-home in your market. Our detailed customer tracking maps will provide:

    • Foot traffic homes
    • VIP customer homes
    • Weekly ad coverage assigned to this store
    • Foot traffic from neighboring stores
    • We can even layer customer loyalty and cell phone tracking to define individual store trade areas!

      4. Know Employee & Shopper Perceptions of Your Store

      Learn about employee and shopper perception through our surveys:

      Existing Customer Survey

      • Used to understand existing consumers’ perceptions across the store, with specific department results
      • Understand choice of advertising, services, and facilities

      Employee Survey

      • Confirm the store’s perception among the associates
      • Used to understand the gaps that exist between customers, staff, and management

      Non-Customer Survey

        • Used to understand the perception of your non-customers
        • Store-wide survey, with specific department findings
        • Understand choice of advertising, services, and facilities

      Net Promoter Score Benchmarks – NPS
      Customer Verbatim Comments

          5. Create and Execute Your Action Plan

          We will help you create and execute your action plan, and are available to assist with key elements that need more resources. We take that data and apply it to your everyday and event-based marketing needs with the Monthly Marketing Program. Let us do the work for you to compete and succeed!

              6. Know the Results

              We track retail sales at the category and sub-category level, and will report results monthly, with a quarterly review with the retailer. 

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